Medication Options: Using Option Grids

What are my medication options?

Here at the Surrey Heath Community Pain Service we have teamed up with Option Grid™ to help you make the right choices for you. We have developed evidence based information in the form of Option Grids which are published on

Option Grids are simple one page sheets that you can print and download. They have been tried, tested and validated to provide you with the best advice.

You can review your Medication Option Grid decision aids ahead of your appointment with the Pain Service, your GP or Consultant and use it in collaboration with them.

  • Download and print the grids as PDFs (see below) Some patients like to make notes on their grids and bring them to appointments.
  • Other specialists have developed option grids to help people decide about various different conditions. Use the Interactive Option Grid decision aids on the following website:

Go to the website here: You will need to create an account and log on:

  1. Click on Register and create your account.
  2. Click on Language on the top right and choose British English. 

Find out more with this short video clip:

Introducing Option Grid from OptionGrid on Vimeo.