What to expect on your first visit

‚ÄčYou will have a full assessment by one of our expert clinicians within 28 working days of receipt of the referral. You can then expect the following:

  1. They will start by asking you lots of questions regarding the onset and history of the condition, your past medical history, medications, hobbies, activities and lifestyle.
  2. They will then carry out a thorough physical examination to localise the structure at fault and any contributing factors.   This may include a diagnostic ultrasound examination.  The clinician may ask you to expose the area.  Please bring shorts or loose fitting clothing if you wish.
  3. Having localised the structure at fault, the clinician may offer you a steroid injection to specifically target the tissue.  If further diagnostic tests are required, these will be arranged for you. 
  4. Before you leave, you will have a summary of the condition, anticipated effects of the treatment, how to manage the problem including exercises and advice where appropriate.  You will also be signposted to information regarding further support including website based information and advice at progressing your rehabilitation via local support groups or leisure centres.  You may then be referred to physiotherapy for expertly guided rehabilitation and reviewed if needed after this.